Originally posted: 11 January 2009

Last year I realised that knee high boots were not going away. They had been going as a good-thing-to-wear for over a decade and yet I had never owned a pair. Frankly there were two reasons. Number 1: the price of them, they are not cheap. You’ve got to love them. And Number 2: most importantly they wouldn’t zip over my calves.

I don’t know how I found out about Duo Boots but I’m really pleased they did. They do boots in 21 different calf fittings. So whatever your calf size: average, more than average (hand in the air), less than average. They do load and loads of styles casual, smart, calf length, colours, really high heels (definitely not for me).

Basically you measure your legs, order them online and they deliver to you. They have shops in Bath and Manchester (where you can get the boots right away) and fitting rooms in London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam where you can be measured and try them on before placing an order (and they are delivered to you). I went to the London fitting room on Saville Row and recommend that because I’m not sure I would have ordered the correct size.

Price wise –not the cheapest but as expensive as a good high street shop.