Originally posted 1 July 2015 (interestingly the prices have stayed exactly the same)

You’re having a baby. You think let’s do the John Lewis nursery visit. Everyone who already has babies tells you you need loads of muslin squares (they are not wrong). And so it happens. You buy loads of John Lewis muslins.

But it turns out the best muslin squares are from Marks and Spencer. Two main reasons:
  1. They are thicker and so prove a better defence especially if your baby is cursed with reflux. It didn’t seem a lot of milk going down but it seems like loads when you see it again.
  2. There is a proper hem on them. After 20 goes through the washing machine (that’ll be about a month) the John Lewis ones start to fray and/or curl up.

There is a price difference. John Lewis: £8.50 for 6. M&S £10 for 5 or £18 for 10. But I think it’s worth it. Get them here.