Credit: Amelia Wells

Originally posted 13 January 2018

I had a truly lovely day yesterday. Despite driving to Bath and back I actually had energy last night that I don’t usually have so it must have been good.

Yesterday I went to Bath for a spa. Not the usual spa you get in Bath (I’m not keen on those. I don’t do massage etc as I don’t like people touching me.) Instead it was a Reading Spa. Mr B’s emporium is a lovely independent bookshop in a quiet street adjacent to some of the shopping streets. It is a real gem. Sadly, I didn’t get much time to browse its shelves but that just means I’ll have to return.

I went with a friend so mooched around some shops while she had her spa and then went in for mine. A mug of tea was supplied and we had a little chat and browse before my spa experience. Ed met me at about 1.30 and asked me about what I was reading, what I liked to read and what I wanted to try. I had tried to think about these questions in advance but he somehow guided me in such a way that I remembered even more and we really drilled down to the type of writing I enjoyed. Ed’s enthusiasm for books and reading  as infectious and the time flew by as he went off to find me books I might be interested in. I could have bought them all.

With time running out on the car park I made a quick selection making the most of the £55 of books included in the £80 price. They said they will email me a list of the books I didn’t take but I also took a quick photo.

I thoroughly recommend this experience for book lovers. And if reading’s not your thing it makes a great gift. And I will be returning just to spend time in that lovely bookshop although I might pop into a couple of shops too.

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