Straight up, this was recommended to me by a podcast. I just can’t remember which one. Probably The Emma Guns Show.

I know zero about beauty. I do not have a regime. If I’m lucky I might moisturise. I do half a flannel cleanse daily because I’ve always used a (clean every day) flannel in the shower. Half because I don’t use any product. My lovely friend Siobhán bought me a serum which feels lovely on my face but I had to read up on what a serum was. If you are interested it was The Ordinary Buffet.

But when I heard someone recommend a product for dry elbows my ears pricked up. My elbows were so dry my jumpers would catch on them. And my ever tactful 5 year old son would comment on them. I looked the NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Body Cream up on Amazon and at the bargainous* price of £7.99 I purchased it immediately.

So post shower, almost every day (no routine remember) I have applied it in circles as directed to my elbows. Within a week they were soft. Nothing short of a miracle.

Also to note, it’s a big bottle of the stuff. 200ml. No eking out the bottle required. No rationing.

* I am aware that bargainous is likely not a word but it feels like something we coined at school.