I’ve long loved M&S chilli in it’s ready meal form. It’s quick to cook in the microwave and totally consistent. Usually on a 3 for £7 offer it’s a great option for the night when our schedules don’t align for a family or couples dinner. I’ve tried others. Waitrose is the best of the rest but doesn’t quite make it. Others are usually too watery and the sauce doesn’t have the same richness and gentle heat. I even tried Hestons but no.

But it doesn’t end there with the ready Mrs. M&S also do a ton of chilli. Now it is definitely not as good as the ready meal but great to have in the cupboard along with a pack of microwave 2 minute rice for a quick dinner for two when you have nothing fresh in.

New kid on the block is the long life pot with chilli and wild rice. It’s different to the other two but also good and as a meal for one works great. Also one to keep in the cupboard for a rainy day.

In my opinion M&S ate top of the market on chilli con carne.