I am almost reluctant to recommend this because once you start down this road there’s no looking back.

If you go to Nando’s you can choose to have chips (french fries if you’re American) with peri peri salt. Spicy chips are delicious. But you can buy your very own pot of joy in the spice aisle at your local supermarket (£1.90-£2.00 at time of writing).

Don’t stop at chips. Stew a bit bland? Peri peri salt. Roasted vegetables? Peri peri salt. Scrambled eggs? Peri peri salt.

I’ve even started thinking about peri peri salt when planning meals and snacks. This week I tried a regular bag of salt and shake crisps and replaced the salt from the little blue bag with peri peri salt. It worked beautifully.

I know of people who adore hot sauce and put a bottle in their bag. I haven’t gone quite that far but a jar of peri peri salt lives in my desk draw for when a boring old jacket potato needs a spicy lift.