You don’t really question things from your childhood. They are your normal. But occasionally it will occur to you that maybe not everyone does things that way. Now there are some deep moral issues you could explore but my sleep deprived mind is not on that level. My musings were: surely not everyone just microwaves stuff in the pot the turkey gravy came in at Christmas or the tub the ready made mash comes in.

So when I was browsing around in Dunelms in a stolen child free afternoon I stumbled upon the very thing. A microwave saucepan. At just £3.50 it was an easy decision.

The true advantage of the microwave saucepan is the handle. It doesn’t get hot and so makes it easy to get items in and out. My microwave is set in the upper cupboards and so I am reaching up making the job harder and more dangerous. The saucepan solves this.

Other key features are a pouring spout which also allows steam to escape. And a lid for keeping the microwave free of tomato soup splatters. It’s 600ml so easily accommodates a tin of beans or soup.

So impressed, I bought one for my parents and my mother-in-law from Amazon. There’s are actually better because they are red and most of the time one is microwaving tomato based products that stain my white one.