We were not a paxo family. We had a roast at my nan’s every week but rarely had stuffing. At Christmas we always had stuffing either from a tray or as balls but they were always made with sausage meat. Because Christmas.

But in the summer we ate from a hog roast at an event. It was raining like crazy so there wasn’t time to fuss and I just took a bit of everything. And, what I realised later was the vegetarian option, was the most divine stuffing.

And so with this in the back of my mind when I noticed a pack of the Sainsbury’s Roasted Chestnut, Toasted Hazelnut & Thyme Stuffing Mix during a normal grocery shop I thought I’d give it a go. I was glad I did. It was delicious and a great addition to a chicken roast dinner.

It was easy to make (add boiling water, stir, leave for 15 minutes, put in greased ovenproof dish, bake). It said bake for 20 minutes but it needed 30 probably because I used a small dish and so it was quick thick.

I could definitely taste the chestnuts and the thyme worked well with chicken.

Price: £1.25 at time of writing