Gaston the tabletop vacuum cleaner designed to look like a ladybird

Meet Gaston. He eats the crumbs left behind after dinner.

Arguably a unitasker and so it lived in my saved for later basket for many months. Looking back at my order history I bought it just after Christmas. Maybe a week mostly at home with the kids tipped the balance. But I don’t regret buying it.

It always seemed a faff to get even the handheld vacuum cleaner out. And I was slightly wary of vacuuming the table with something that cleans the floor.

Our table definitely stays cleaner. I’m more inclined to wipe it down too. Doesn’t solve the clutter though.

The fact that it is shaped like a ladybird does make me like it more. It is the happiness brought about by whimsy that Gretchen Rubin talks about. Of course it is named for Gaston from Ben and Holly.

Scene from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom with Mr and Mrs Elf, Ben and Holly. Gaston the ladybird has just eaten a giant pie sitting on the dining table in a matter of seconds.

TenCloud Mini Desk Cleaner, Portable Beetle Vacuum Cleaner Crumb Sweeper Desk Dust Cleaner (Red)

Available from Amazon (£11.98 on day of publication)