Generally I’ve talked to my son in fairly grown up language. It’s only become apparent recently that he doesn’t know the meaning of lots of words I use. Daily I get asked “what does X mean?” Which basically means that for the last 5 years he hasn’t understood a lot of what I have been saying.

Another thing I have recently learnt is that he interprets things differently. And I learnt this because of our Q&A journal for kids. Every day there is a new question ranging from the simple “add something ” to the more complex “I wish my family was more _________.”

James’s answers can be bizarre.


Mildly insulting.

And an insight into what is going on in his life.

As the book itself says. 365 days and 365 chances for a conversation. Some questions lead to conversations but some don’t but that’s ok because over 3 years it will give us a lovely record of what’s going on in James’s life. The things that are important to him.

So far he has nothing but enthusiasm for doing his questions. I certainly think the structure makes it easier than any freeform journaling.