I do love a feature article. Especially something long form where I learn something new about the world. Especially when it challenges assumptions I previously held.

I’ve done the academic thing and can read academic texts but I don’t read them for fun or relaxation. I’m quite fond of Vanity Fair and Wired magazines because of the long form pieces.

But because I’m a xennial and my mobile phone is permanently about my person I also want to read such articles on my phone. And that’s where Pocket comes in. I have an app on my phone and when I see an article I want to read I save it to Pocket. I have it set up so that articles are downloaded when I’m connected to WiFi but then they are availability offline. Great for airplane trips.

The app has recommendations of popular articles and you can opt to receive a daily email of recommended articles tailored to you.

They also send you an annual email with stats on what you read over the last year. I read the equivalent of 8 books! (Not sure how I log that on Goodreads)